Curriculum Vitae

Petr Sosík

Assoc.Prof.: Charles University in Prague, 2004 (in Czech: Doc.)
Ph.D.: Charles University in Prague, 1997 (in Czech: Dr.)
M.S.: Technical University in Brno 1990 (in Czech: Ing.)

Professional experience:

Petr Sosík is the vice-head of the Institute of Computer Science, and the head of Research institute of the Centre of Excellence IT4Innovations at the Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic. He has published over 100 research papers in the fields of formal languages and applications, discrete mathematics, molecular and natural computing, and bioinformatics. He also participated in or leaded many commercial and scientific software projects. He co-authored several chapters in prominent monographs in the areas of natural computing and biocomputing (The Oxford Handbook of Membrane Computing, OUP, and the Handbook of Natural Computing, Springer, to name a few). During his career he collaborated with many colleagues in the EU, USA and Asia, including 2 years research stay at the University of Western Ontario (Canada) and 10 years at the Polytechnical University of Madrid (UPM). He worked as a member of Pogramme or Steering Committee of many international conferences, in some cases as a PC and/or OC chair/co-chair. From 2012 to 2016 he acted as a member and co-chair of the evaluating panel P202 (Computer Science) of the Czech Science Foundation.

List of journal and conference publications on Publons here.

Recognition, awards:
  • IMCS – International Membrane Computing Society, Theoretical Result of the Year 2017
    (Generalized P colonies with passive environment, with L. Cienciala, L. Ciencialová)
  • CMC 2012, Budapest, Hungary, Best Paper Award
    (Limits of the Power of Tissue P Systems with Cell Division)
  • CIAA 2004, Kingston, Canada, Best Paper Award
    (Substitutions, trajectories and noisy channels, with L. Kari and S. Konstantinidis)
  • DNA 10, Milano 2004, Best Evaluated Paper
    (Bond-free languages: formalizations, maximality and construction methods, with L. Kari and S. Konstantinidis)
  • DLT 5, Developments in Language Theory, 5th Int. Conf., Vienna 2001, Second P Prize
    (String rewriting sequential P-systems and regulated rewriting, with R. Freund)
  • ISSC'89, International Students Scientific Contest, Košice, 1989, Slovakia First Prize
Invited conference talks:
  • Computability and Complexity in Morphogenetic Systems.
    Computability in Europe, CiE 2022, Swansea, UK, 2022.
  • M Systems: a Platform for Computational Morphogenesis.
    ICMC'2021, Debrecen/Hungary + Chengdu/China, 2021.
  • Simulations of Bacteria with Morphogenetic Systems.
    Membrane Computing, CMC'2019, Curtea de Arges, Romania, 2019.
  • DNA Computing versus Formal Language Theory
    MELA, Telč, Czech Republic, 2013.
  • Computational Complexity Foundations of Membrane Computing.
    Membrane Computing, CMC'2013, Chisinau, Moldova, 2013.
  • Membrane and Cellular Computing: Theory and Practice.
    ISCAMI'2012, Malenovice, Czech Republic, 2012.
  • P Systems for Modelling Bacterial Logic Based on Conjugation.
    Int. Conf. on Developments in Membrane Computing (ICDMS) 2012, Sevilla, Spain.
  • On Evolutionary Lineages of Membrane Systems.
    Workshop on Membrane Computing (WMC) 2005, Vienna, Austria.
  • On the Construction and Properties of Bond-Free DNA Languages.
    Fall Eastern Meeting of American Math. Society, Binghamton, USA, 2003.